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grace garden


Welcome to Grace Garden International Kindergarten. Established in 2015, we are a bilingual and community-focused, multicultural Kindergarten and Nursery. With two campuses in Hong Kong, our dedicated 12-person teaching staff are committed to providing high quality play-based education to children aged 1-5. Our ‘Language of Children’ curriculum ensure the key areas of childhood development is nurtured, done so in a safe and caring learning environment.

Message from
the principal

Choosing an established and proven school for children is a top priority for parents. This decision has a fundamental impact on a child’s future development. Grace Garden International Kindergarten is a leader in early childhood education, combining the key strengths of the LOC pedagogy with a bilingual team of dedicated and experienced teachers. A safe and stimulating environment is at the core of our mission, along with a positive atmosphere that ensures our students grow into compassionate contributors to our community. If you have any enquiries or would like to see our community for yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Karen Yuen
School Principal